Please always practice responsible flipping! This includes, but is not limited to the following:


1) Take appropriate precautions if you are in an area with venomous insects or reptiles. (This is incredibly important and in no way am I responsible if you do something reckless.)

2) Always flip the object up towards you (i.e. pulling it up from the far side), to allow any animals to escape if necessary.

3) Check thoroughly to ensure no creatures are under the object before replacing the object. (There’s a delicate microclimate under there, and not replacing the object could upset somebody’s home!)

4) If a creature is under the object, carefully move it out of the way before replacing the object, and allow the creature to crawl back under the object on it’s own. If you just plunk the rock or log back down with the creature under it, you could crush it!

5) Try to avoid flipping the same cover object too often – again, you disturb the delicate microclimate underneath each time you expose it to the air. Likewise, despite what this comic depicts – don’t flip every flippin’ rock. Leave some alone.